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Industry News

November 24, 2011
INDUSTRIAL MINERALS, Nov 24, 2011 - Guyana Refractory Bauxite costs placed at $211/tonne
October 07, 2011
Industrial Minerals, Oct 7,2011 - Guyana refractory bauxite developer doubles mine life
July 22, 2011
Industrial Minerals Article, July 2011: Abrasive Bauxite Weathers Rough Markets
July 07, 2011
July 2011, The Mining Journal - "Guyana"
An article detailing Guyana as an emerging force on the world mining scene
January 04, 2011
Industrial Minerals Article - "Chinese Bauxite Prices set to Rise on New Export Controls"
"Prices of Chinese non-metallurgical grades of bauxite, used in a wide range of refractory and abrasive applications, are set to rise over the coming months as export controls implemented by the Chinese government take effect."
September 15, 2010
Industrial Minerals Article - "Refractories Rising"
"After a gloomy 2008-2009, steel refractories are now on the way to recovery led by Asia. But raw material supply, mainly dependent on China exports, remains a concern for the industry."
August 16, 2010
The Northern Miner
"First Bauxite Eyes Production in Guyana"
August 12, 2010
Vicarage Capital of London
UK Analyst Reports on First Bauxite Corp.
August 03, 2010
Industrial Minerals Magazine Article - August 2, 2010 - Refractory Bauxite Source Nears
"Guyana set for new refractory grade bauxite mine as First Bauxite completes FS"
April 07, 2010
Industrial Minerals Article - "America Awaits Alumina Assembly"
Discussion of the industry's refractory bauxite supply, new processing techniques and non-metallurgical alumina
March 23, 2010
Industrial Minerals Magazine Article
"SUPPLY SITUATION REPORT: Refractory Bauxite" - Consumers of refractory bauxite could soon be switching to other refractory minerals after it emerged that the much awaited re-opening of bauxite mines in Xiaoyi area of Shanxi province could take years rather than months
March 16, 2010
"Business in Vancouver" Magazine
an article describing the Company's SONIC Drill Rig